Mass Emailing Woes?

Have you fallen victim to the new email policies being adopted by most Internet Service Providers (ISP's) regarding mass emailing?

In their ongoing efforts to battle spam, hosting companys and providers like Interland, AOL, EarthLink, NetZero, Juno and others are blocking large volume commercial emails from being sent via their systems. Others are lining up to join the movement. They aren't trying to deprive you from making use of their system but they are concerned that their server(s) may get "Black Hole" listed, which means that everyone on that server (possibly thousands of clients) could have their email blocked. Reducing spam is good, but for legitimate businesses that want to keep their customers informed, this is going to impact you. Have you read your hosting companies/ISP's Service Agreement lately?

What is considered a large volume?

On many systems, email is blocked if it contains more than 50 names in the TO:, CC: or BCC: address section(s). Some ISP's also block outgoing email if you send to more than XXX in a 12 or 24 hour period.

Are you tired of having to maintain your list, doing additions, deletions, and modifications?

Sure, you can pay a programmer to automate these tasks via your web site, but why pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to do this if an "out of the box" solution is available? What if you don't have a web site?

Does list security concern you?

It should! They are your customers. They trust you, not the spammers. We've all seen the porn and drug ads lately. You certainly wouldn't want your customers to receive this spam because your list was harvested by someone wanting to make a fast dollar!

You don't think it could happen to you because you use your office email program?

You might want to read this... A true life example of how to lose customers!


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Note: Constant Contact ® has incorporated the new requirements of the recently signed CanSpam Bill into their service.

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