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RVSI Acuity Imaging, Inc. - Nashua, NH

RVSI Acuity Imaging manufactures equipment to monitor product quality using camera systems.  Verification of product levels, label verification/positioning, and visual item counting are some of the tasks that their equipment accomplishes. 

In 1997, Advanced Refrigeration Inc. - Hooksett, NH, Acuity's mechanical contractor, contracted with R. L. Shields Associates to design, provide and install a control system for a new test chamber that they were installing.  This system had to be able to cycle the chamber's major components on and off at various intervals and temperatures.   Additionally, data logging was a requirement.

A Delta Controls Mini Panel was used to control the test chamber.  R. L. Shields Associates created the programming to perform the sequence of operation that Acuity required.  The chamber has performed flawlessly since it was installed.

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