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One Alewife Center, Cambridge, MA

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One Alewife Center is a four story, 90,000 SF office building located at the junction of Rt. 2 and the Alewife Parkway and within walking distance of the Alewife MBTA Station.  This multi-tenant first class office building was built in 1988.



This buildings  mechanical equipment includes two 100 ton McQuay Roof Top Units and numerous Variable Air Volume (VAV's) that use electric reheaters.

Management put forth a list of goals that they wanted to accomplish during design and installation.  These included:

The first phase of this multi-phase project involved the installation of a Delta Controls Intelli-Sys Control System.  Eight space temperature sensors were installed per floor that transmit space temperatures to the Delta Intelli-Con Mini Panel located in the Maintenance Office and Delta Micro Panels located on the Second, Third and Fourth Floors.

The two rooftop units are controlled using Delta Micro Controllers.  Each rooftop unit has the following items monitored and/or controlled:

Phase 2 of the project involved adding tenant controlled overtime scheduling.  If a tenant desires overtime, they press in the number of hours into the Intelli-Stat.   The amount of overtime operation is individually by tenant for billing purposes.

Phase 3 will involve adding a Graphical Operator Interface at the building's Maintenance Office.

Future phases of this project will include automating the tenant Variable Air Volume (VAV) Boxes, adding DDC to the chillers and Air Handlers, and adding Carbon Dioxide sensors to monitor indoor air quality.

Special software was written by R. L. Shields Associates, Inc. to accomplish one of the tasks defined above:

Sunrise/Sunset Time Calculation - This controls the parking lot and building exterior lighting based on Sunrise and Sunset. The eliminates the problems associated with power failures skewing the time clocks and provides for the adjustment to Daylight Savings Time and Daylight Standard Time.


What do the Operators say about the project?

Picture of John Rowan - MCLP"The Delta Controls system installed by R. L. Shields Associates made my life much easier.  I managed 3 buildings that had Delta systems in them.  The information and control that the system provided reduced dispatches and allowed us to correct potential problems before the tenants called us to complain.

When we needed adjustments to the programming, Bob was able to do this within minutes over the telephone, saving Spaulding & Slye thousands of dollars over the years in service calls and site visits."

John Rowan, M.C.L.P. - Building Technology Engineers, Inc. - Boston, MA

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