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Sully's Superette - Manchester, NH

Sully's Superette is a mid-sized supermarket serving the west side of Manchester, NH.

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The buildings major mechanical systems include:

The original project involved replacing the existing Tyler Refrigeration Control Panel with an expanded Delta Turbo panel. Delta was chosen over Tyler, a large supermarket supplier of refrigerated cases and compressors, based on price and flexibility. While updating the equipment, management put forth some goals to be accomplished:

  1. Remote monitoring and alarming.
  2. Performance tracking via temperature graphs and run-time accumulation.
  3. Better control of the heat reclamation unit.
  4. Better control of the exterior signage.

Advanced Refrigeration of Hooksett, NH, Sully's refrigeration service company, partnered with R. L. Shields Associates to install this equipment with a minimum of downtime.

During installation, it was discovered that the old Tyler system used a different type of thermistor sensor from what we were lead to believe. The flexibility of the Delta system allowed us to change the thermistor curves to match the sensors installed, saving many man-hours of work, unloading and load cases of food.

The Delta system was interfaced with 2-alarm annunciators and the buildings security system panel. During the day, the alarm annunciator sound if there is a refrigeration problem, but at night, the alarm transmits directly to alarm monitoring station who then notify the store management. If there is a after-hours refrigeration alarm, the manager, who lives about 10 miles from the market, can call into the system via modem to check the temperatures of the affected case. Both the store workstation as well as the managers home PC have full color graphics, to provide an easier to understand operator interface.

For more than the past three years, the Delta Controls system has performed flawlessly. The only controls related problems have been 3 failed thermistor sensors, and they were the original Tyler style sensors.



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