The image that is displayed below is an actual captured graphic from an active control system.  In some cases, the captured image looses display quality from what is seen on a live system.  All graphics are custom created by R. L. Shields Associates, Inc. to meet the customers needs for a specific site.

Depending on the graphic, some of the information may seem to be overly simplified.   Many times this is done deliberately to prevent certain low level operators from being overwhelmed with complicated displays.  In other cases, the opposite may be true, so that the experienced user can get the required information on one screen.

On a live system, all data is updated continuously.  Up to 200 dynamic pieces of data can be included on a single graphic.  Depending on the programming of the live system graphic, clicking on Icons or data points may bring up menus to select further options.   These may include; Edit, Display, Print, Graph, Change Value, Manual On, Manual Off, Auto, and others.


Sample Graphic 



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